Sustainable development

Our sustainable tourism policy

What we're doing to help a sustainable policy in tourism at Doucy

Doucy benefits from an ideal location in the heart of the Savoyard mountainside. It is for this reason that we are working to limit the impact of our tourism industry on order to preserve the countryside for future generations to come. We have an eco-effecient policy concerning water and energy. Our apartments are all equipped  with a centralised heating control system which enables us to programme from reception the radiators according to occupancy. The apartments benefit from a underfloor heating system which uses night electricty and provides an ambiente temperature of 15-16°. The radiators further heat the apartments to a set tempertaure of 20-21°C thus avoiding unduly heating inoccupied apartements.
The hot water is also piloted by a centralised system linked to the heating and occupancy rates. The water is heated with night electricity.
Our guests can also help by selectively sorting their household waste into the recyclying containers situated in front on the buildings and help to keep the resort clean of pet mess by using the bags and bins provided.
Our entertainements programme (walk, films and conferences) focus on the local faune, flora, local traditions  and folklore but also the impact on the envirmoment by careless practises of leaving rubbish and litter on the slopes or laving pecnic rubbish in the forests etc.