The MadTrail mountain trail will be held over 2 days in July 2019 (13&14th) which include the ascension of the 3 Savoyard giants, Col de la Madeleine, the summits of Crève-tête and the alpine range ‘Massif de la Lauzière’ Fabulous views and scenery for both competitors and spectators who can reach the trails via the chairlifts.

The local market in Moutiers : your gastronomic rendez-vous

The local market is held every Tuesday & Friday morning in Moutiers (15km from the resort) and is situated in front of the cathedral. Great for stocking up on authentic local produce.

Local Agricultural Cooperative

Located 15 km from your apartment, come and watch the incredible cheese making process ! Our Beaufort cheese is a gold medal award winner “best cheese in France” for the last four years running.

Visit the cheese cellars, hewn in rock, to assure the ideal temperature and humidity conditions to allow the same natural maturing process used for centuries.

Times gone by : a class room in Raclaz

Visit a reconstituted class-room faithfully restored with authentic artefacts. Meet our local host Josiane, who runs this capsule museum : old-time class room, with a kitchen reflecting life in our local villages before the arrival of our ski resort. Documents, photos and tools to testify this brief review of the past…